Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lessons 8, 9, 10 & 11: Gumpaste and Fondant (and birthday cake)

All right, well I'm about four cakes behind on the blog.  Just haven't really been in the mood to write a post.  So I'll be playing catch-up for a little bit.

And it's back to the cake classes . . . .  I took class 3 - Gumpaste and Fondant, during the month of May.

I hate when my hands are sticky.  So it's a wonder that I ever got into cake decorating.  Because everything is STICKY!!!

Especially gumpaste and fondant.  I combined all the lessons for class 3 into one blog post for a few reasons.  Mostly you are making lots of flowers, so it's kind of boring (for a post).  And I kind of struggled with this class, so I wasn't super happy with the results.  Ready for the one minute version of Class 3?  Here goes:

Lesson 8:  Make bow and bases for flowers


Lesson 9:  Make roses, carnations and calla lilies
(Note: my carnations were horrible.  I had such a rough time with this flower and I got really frustrated with it.  I wanted to chuck them all!!!!)

My horrible carnation.  It doesn't even remotely look like a carnation.
It took several tries to get better.
Roses and carnations.

Calla Lilies
Lesson 10: Make mums and daisies.

Mums, Daisies, Roses and Carnations

Carnation calyx

Lesson 11: Final cake!

Now I really dislike making a cake for no reason.  It is very hard for me to come up with a design idea because I have nothing to go on.  So since I had already made orange flowers, I decided to go blue and orange and make myself a birthday cake, since my birthday was the week before.  (Happy birthday to me!)

We also had to learn how to cover a cake with fondant.  As you know, I am not a big fondant person and I try to avoid using it (at least to cover the cake) whenever possible.  Also - we were supposed to learn how to cover a cake board with fondant.  But my teacher felt (and I totally agree) that this is a waste of time and money.  Who needs fondant on the cake board?  No one is going to eat it and it is completely unnecessary.  So we skipped that part.

Here was my final cake:

And as always - the cake tasted excellent.  End of class 3.

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