Monday, July 2, 2012

Chapter 11 (Not the bankruptcy kind)

A friend of mine recently asked about the process I use when making a cake.  Well, it all starts when someone asks me to make a cake!  Usually they have an idea of what they want the cake to look like or a particular theme they have in mind.  Then I search the internet for ideas using their theme and either try to copy a cake, merge different parts from several cakes together into a new design or create my own.

This was not the case with this particular cake.  My mother's friend Carola wanted a cake for her daughter's 11th birthday.  But she did not have anything specific in mind.  She told me that Jazzy likes books and plays the violin.  Hm, so violin shaped book?  Nah.  I decided to use my trusty book pan again, but what to put on it?

I started off with a violin on the right hand side of the book.

I free-handed this.  Not great, but passable.
 After the black outline was done, I added brown icing for the wood parts and white strings.

It's kind of hard to see all the detail in this picture

Now I needed to add some words on the left page.  Jazzy was turning 11, so this is what popped into my head:

My icing-writing is getting pretty good!  Of course I added the piping gel to the frosting before piping the words.

Next I got out my box of sugar flowers.  Now I really don't like making the sugar flowers all that much because it just takes so much time.  But it was really awesome just being able to pick the flowers out of the box and put them on the cake.  That, I like.

Pre-made roses, carnations and lilies.

Then I added a few more finishing touches (yay leaves!) and the cake was ready to go!

The Adventure of Jazzy: Chapter 11
 I heard the family thought the cake was great!  Happy Birthday Jazzy!

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