Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pooh Take 2: The Classic Version

Happy New Year!  I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything, but that doesn't mean I haven't been caking!  The first post of 2013 is another baby shower Pooh Bear cake (which is the most popular post on this blog so far).

Now apparently there is Pooh Bear, the Disney version and Pooh Bear, the classic version.  What is the difference between classic Pooh and Disney Pooh, you ask?

Um, well, let's see now . . . . .

Confession - I'm not really sure!

But Catrina's theme was classic Pooh - so I had to find out.  I determined that the original Pooh did not wear a red shirt (or clothing of any color) and he was a lighter color.

Pooh Bear sans red shirt
I wanted to make the cake a little different than previous Pooh cake, so I put a lid on the honey pot this time and added some butterflies.

The pattern for the butterflies came from my ever useful Hello Cupcake! book.  I'd used this recipe before for cupcakes for my roommate Katrina's wedding shower (different Katrina) and they turned out really well.

Wedding Shower Butterfly Cupcakes
All you need to make the butterflies is some candy melts.  You pipe the melted candy onto the pattern's outline and then fill it with a different color.  Add some white nonparels and let them harden.  To put them together, first make sure you have one left wing and one right wing.  Stick some chocolate chips on the cake to hold the wings up and stick the wings in.  Then pipe some frosting in for the body and stick in the antenna (also made from candy melts).

Adding the butterflies at the venue.

I made some yellow and blue butterflies to match the classic Pooh colors.  They just add a nice little extra special something to the cake.

The beautiful mother with her cake.

So whether you prefer the classic Pooh or the Disney Pooh, you can have a super cute cake!

Pooh is plotting how to get into the honey pot . . .

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