Saturday, June 29, 2013

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Remember when I said I have a lot of cousins?  Well, my cousin Rebekah also got married this year.  Her wedding shower was in April.  At my cousin Annie's wedding shower, my Aunt Renee asked me if I would make the cake for Rebekah's shower.

This cake went SO smoothly.  It was so nice to have a cake without drama.  Seriously.

At the time, Rebekah was still in med school (she has since graduated).  So my aunt thought it would be fun to have a doctor cake.  Ah yes, I thought.  I can make a flat cake that looks like a lab coat and I won't have to worry about anything falling over or off the cake.

I baked the cake ahead of time and it turned out perfect.  Even when I cut it in half, it looked amazing.  Usually I get air pockets that I stuff with extra cake.

This time I made a yellow cake with strawberry filling.

Next up, frosting the cake.  I had to take a picture of my mixer in my kitchen, first time making a cake in my new house!

I knew the frosting didn't have to be perfect because I was going to cover it with fondant.

First I made the part for the shirt.

Next I had to roll out a huge piece of fondant to cover the entire cake.  Now in order to do this, I used my super amazing, huge rolling pin.  Here it is next to a normal sized rolling pin:

Ok, just kidding.  It's not THAT big.  Here it is next to a real normal sized rolling pin:

This thing is awesome.

 I knew the fondant piece had to be about as big as my roll and cut mat.  I had never covered an entire rectangle cake before, so I was hoping it would work.

I rolled it out . . .

And draped it over the cake.  Perfect fit, the first time!

 I cut a slit down the middle to make the opening of the lab coat.

I used my medium circle cutter to make buttons.  The small holes are made using the small end of tip #3.

I glued the buttons on the coat.  But I couldn't just leave it at that!  We needed some more details.  So I fashioned a stethoscope.

Here's a close up of the stethoscope.

I also made a pocket with some other "doctory" things in it.

That's a pen, if you couldn't tell.  And a reflex hammer.

It's starting to look pretty good!

Finally I added a pearl necklace . . .

And a nametag with her new last name.

And I was done.

 It went in the box.  No drama.  Score!

Here is the lovely bride holding her cake.

Photo taken by my cousin, Charity Hoffman

And then before we cut it, all the girl cousins who were there took a picture together, with the cake.

Photo taken by Charity's camera - not sure who took it.

 Congratulations Rebekah (and Peter) both on graduating from med school and getting married!

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Duane Swab said...

Great joc, Joy. I especially liked the rolling pin! :)