Saturday, January 4, 2014

Do you Sudoku??

I'm really behind on posting my cakes, but I have to do James' cake next because every I see him, he asks, "Did you write my post yet?"  Thanks for keeping me on my toes, James.

Now one day at church, James came up to me and started to ask me to make his birthday cake.  He wanted a book cake and he thought that since I have the book pan, that wouldn't be too hard for me to do.

"Wait, how do you know I have the book pan?"  I asked.

"I read your blog," he said.

Now James is only 9 years old.  So I wanted to clarify some things.  "Do you mean you looked at the pictures or actually read it?" I queried.

"I actually read it," he said matter-of-factly.

As the conversation went on, James kept saying things that were straight out of what I had written on my blog.  Later his mother confirmed that he had indeed read my ENTIRE blog.  All on his own.  I think I found my biggest fan.

So of course, I wanted to make him a great cake.  James' mom emailed me his list of requirements.

Hello Joy! I've made two lists of things for mcake:

I don't care if my cake is regular flavor or chocolate.
I don't care when you get it done (I'd prefer you finish before the end of the year though) *;) winking
I don't care what the title of the book is, but I'd like it to have the word James in it.

I want it to be a book.
Can i have Orange frosting? Not the flavor, but the color.
I'd like to have some fondant on my cake. (I like fondant.)
I'd like it to have strawberry filling (the kind mixed with something like you used for Kingston's cake).

Ok, so a book made of yellow cake with strawberry filling . . .


Orange frosting, the color, not the flavor . . . .


Title with James in it . . . . .


I don't remember if he came up with Boy Wonder or if that was my idea.  I'm sure he will let me know after he reads this.

I asked James what other kinds of things he liked to do, besides reading.  He suggested Sudoku.  So I made a solvable fondant Sudoku puzzle, complete with numbers to fill in the blank spots.

The numbers


But the cake needed a little something else to make it really special.  I knew that James likes Legos (I mean, who doesn't) and I had this Lego mold I had been dying to try out.  So I melted some candy and filled in the molds.

 They turned out great!

 Then I just had to add the Lego bricks and the rest of the numbers.



James, thanks for being so patient waiting for your cake!  I hope you enjoyed reading this post.  Happy Birthday!

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