Saturday, May 3, 2014

Edible Diapers

Unless you have absolutely no contact with babies or people who have babies, you probably are aware that cloth diapers are all the rage right now.  When my parents had us kids, they used cloth diapers.  But back then it was just the rag that you pinned together.

Nowadays, they have all these fancy diapers, with inserts, that come in all sorts of fancy colors and sizes.  My sister-in-law was due at the end of March.  She and my brother decided they wanted to use cloth diapers, so they registered for these:

Bum Genius Diapers
Super cute!  But who wants to give one diaper for a shower gift?  And yet, they are probably the most needed items on the registry.  So my mom threw a diaper-themed shower for our side of the family.  (Annnnnnd we are finally getting to the point here.)  Naturally, at a diaper-themed shower, one must have diaper themed cake, or in this case, cupcakes.

But no one has ever done diaper cupcakes before!  Okay, so I finally found one person on etsy who sells diaper shaped fondant cupcake toppers.  But that's it.  I could not find anything cake-related with diapers.  There are the creepy baby cakes where the babies are wearing diapers.

Trust me, they get a lot creepier than this.
 And the diaper cakes/cupcakes that are actual diapers.  I would not recommend trying to chow down on these.  So, what to do?

Cute, but not the taste I was going for.
I had ordered two diapers for the shower and when they arrived, I realized how simple it would be.  I would make cupcake toppers that look like the packaged diapers!

So I rolled out some different colored fondant.  I eyeballed a T-shape with a knife, then folded it up like a diaper.  I made the buttons using tip 12 and the stitching with my roller tool.

The only tools I needed (besides a knife).
Fastest fondant item I have ever made!

Some close ups:

 I whipped up the cupcakes, put on the diapers, and they turned out great!

We put them in a "B" for baby.
At the time, we didn't know her name.
Passing out the cupcakes . . .

Elisa is enjoying hers!

Kylie is here now and let me tell you, those huge cloth diapers look very cute on her little bum.  Love you Kylie!

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