Monday, July 25, 2016

Teardrops on My Guitar

So a few years ago, I made a build-a-bunny birthday cake for Kiah.  Yay for repeat customers!  She's a little older now (this was back in April or May of 2015) and her interests have changed a bit.  Now she is into Taylor Swift.  So her mom asked me to make her a guitar cake.

I bought a guitar pan in order to make it easier to make the correct shape.  It came out very nicely.

I started by adding the "wood" of the guitar.

Next I added the bridge, the neck, and the sound hole, along with the sides of the guitar.  The darker parts are made with chocolate frosting.  I think I used a tip to get the sides to look so nice and clean.  The tip was the perfect size and it looks really good!

Then I started adding some details to make it look a little fancier.

Including Taylor Swift's signature!

Next I added the strings.

And the frets.

But the guitar needs a little color.

So I added a flower.

And we have a beautiful, autographed guitar.

And then we load it into the box and it's ready to go!  it almost looks like you could play it.

So even though it's more than a year late, Happy Birthday Kiah!

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