Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lesson 7: Irises and Daffodils and Lillies, Oh My!

Round #2 with the Royal Icing.

Okay, so something clicked with me and the Icing Royale this time around.  I made a double batch because I didn't want to go to Jewel to buy the 1lb box of powdered sugar, and all I had was a 2lb. bag.  Plus we needed two recipes for class (supposedly, but in actuality - no).  Anyhoo, the frosting turned out much better this time.  More like a thick toothpaste.  So much easier to squeeze out of the piping bag.  Hallelujah.

But I wasn't the only one dealing with hand cramps.  One of the ladies in class had cramps so bad that she could hardly finish the lesson.

For this lesson we were learning irises, daffodils, rosebuds and lillies.

The rosebud was totally confusing and took a long time to figure out.

Practice board

This is way harder to do than it looks.
Next we moved on to the iris.  It's another really little flower similar to the apple blossom, but this one only has five petals.  Pretty simple, but cute.  This was one of my favorites.

Then came the daffodils.  These are a really nice flower, but they take a lot of work.  First you pipe the petals on the flower nail.  Then you wet your fingers and make the petals pointy.  Last, you pipe the round middle of the flower.  I really like how they look, but man, is it tedious.

And then finally the lillies.  I have wanted to learn how to make lillies for a looooong time.  Of course there is a special lily nail.  You put foil into the bottom half of the nail (and of course they sell packages of special lily nail foil - because getting Reynolds wrap is just way too hard).  Then you push the foil down using the top part of the lily nail.  This is the only purpose for the top part of the lily nail.  Seriously.  Next you pipe the petals of the lily.  Using a dot of green icing, some water and a paintbrush, you bring the green color up onto the petals.  Insert the stamens (which are not edible) and you are done.  I guess stamens are just too hard to make edible so we give up on the whole "it's completely edible" thing.  Not that you would want to eat these lillies anyway.  You might break a tooth.

Finally - a lily that I'm not allergic to!!!
The lily removed from the nail and foil.

 Next lesson is my final cake for class two!!!!!!!!!!!!

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